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Industry leading pre-cleared catalog of independent and major label musicians and producers. We are music licensing and supervision experts offering music supervisors, brands and agencies premium music licensing services at great rates.

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100% Pre-Cleared Music

High-quality, Easy-to-License Music
Yes, it is possible. We provide a catalog featuring major label giants, iconic legends and the best new, independent artists. All the music you need, available in the formats you need, without having to worry for a second about clearance rights.

Industry Leading Catalog

From Grammy Winners to New Artists 
Our catalog provides for every possible sonic need – be it a custom use, a movie, TV show, web content, advertising – whatever! Every genre, every mood, any use. We also source hard-to-license genres, with a focus on Reggae and Hip Hop.

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Not Sure What You Need? 
Our in house genre experts have served as music supervisors and know how to think about cues. Give us a scene, vibe, anything! We can provide tailored recommendations that meet your creative needs and your budget.


C.C. – In The Moment
Bay Area Soul and Funk


Narada Michael Walden – Evolution
Grammy Award Winning R&B and Pop

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